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Air Liquide, Airbus, VINCI Airports join forces on hydrogen airport developments

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Air Liquide, Airbus and VINCI Airports have joined forces to accelerate the development of hydrogen airports in order to accommodate future hydrogen aircrafts – and the trio want to launch its first pilot in 2023.

Formalising the effort today (21st September), the partnership unveiled Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport as the location of its pilot. Located in France, the airport will in 2023 boast a hydrogen distribution station to supply both airport ground vehicles and other heavy goods vehicles. 

The consortium has said the first phase of the project is essential to test the airport’s facilities and dynamics. Beyond 2023, and before 2030, further infrastructure is expected to be developed for the production and mass distribution of liquid hydrogen at the airport.

It is hoped the by 2030, the partnership will be able to look at the possibility of equipping VINCI Airports’ European airport network with hydrogen production, storage and supply facilities needed for use on the ground and on board aircraft.

All of the above relies on each participating partner in one way or another. Air Liquide will utilise its expertise in the entire hydrogen value chain, Airbus will bring its commercial aircraft knowledge to the table and VINCI Airports will utilise its locations to help create the desired network.

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