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Mexico could be a ‘hydrogen hotspot’ for green shipping fuel production, says report

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Mexico could be a “hydrogen hotspot” for green shipping fuel production thanks to its abundant renewable energy potential and access to busy shipping routes, says new report released today (Sep 14).

Mexico: fuelling the future of shipping highlights the country’s role in the transformation of global shipping through green hydrogen-derived fuels.

Conducted by Ricardo and Environmental Defense Fund for the P24 Getting to Zero Coalition Partnership, the study says green hydrogen-derived shipping fuels could improve energy security and catalyse renewable energy generation supply chains.

The zero and low carbon fuel options available for adoption by the maritime industry include green and blue hydrogen, green and blue ammonia, green methanol, biofuels and battery power.

The report investigates the most suitable propulsion solutions for different commercial vessels based on a number of criteria.

The abundance of renewable energy resources in Mexico means that shipping fuels can be derived from renewable electricity generation.

The study also identifies that the most suitable options for the ports assessed in Mexico are hydrogen and ammonia for large commercial vessels such as tankers, containers and bulk carriers (and even tugboats); while small vessels such as port service vessels can be supplied through electrification.

“Our study has found that Mexico’s access to busy shipping routes and abundant renewable energy potential puts it in a good position to help drive the zero-carbon fuel market,” said Olivia Carpenter-Lomax, Future Energy Specialist and Project Lead at Ricardo.

“Mexico can potentially supply both its domestic electrical demand as well as the production of zero-carbon fuels to supply commercial vessels bunkering in its ports by use of renewable energy.”

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