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UNDP successfully completes acceptance test of Angstrom Advanced’s solar-to-hydrogen project

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The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has successfully completed the acceptance test of Angstrom Advanced’s new solar-to-hydrogen micro-grid project.

Designed by the Angstrom team, it has established a hydrogen-based renewable energy storage system that will break through the bottleneck associated with the utilisation of unstable renewable energy.

This is due to the intermittency of solar and wind farms and thus is regarded as a big stride forward to the hydrogen community.

The use of Angstrom’s commercialised megawatt-scale containerised water-electrolysis hydrogen generators, skid-mounted hydrogen refuelling stations and big data platforms are supporting the hydrogen community.

The success of this particular project also proves the possibility of developing both hydrogen energy communities and hydrogen cities.

The ultimate goal of the “Hydrogen Energy Communities” is to take advantage of hydrogen as a clean, zero-emission energy source to achieve sustainable development, as well as carbon neutrality.

To date, Angstrom has designed and constructed solar/wind hydrogen-based energy storage micro-grid projects in Massachusetts, US and Jiangsu, China.

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