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Exhibitor's Introduction

Shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy limited company belongs to Shandong saikesaisi group, the company has multi-disciplinary high-tech personnel, is a pioneering, innovation team. Chief technical person in charge of China's earliest development of SPE electrode technology experts, has more than 20 years of relevant research and development experience, the development of the technology of the four generation of hydrogen generator products have been patented. The technology to fill the gaps, to replace the traditional technology of hydrogen production by lye.

The company focused on the use of solid polymer electrolyte (Polymer Electrolyte Solid (SPE) - cation exchange membrane, hydrogen production equipment, production, sales.

The company's products in the industry won the BCEIA gold, the European CE certification, the national key new products, such as a number of honors and certificates. Has been exported to the United States, Britain, South Korea, Japan and other more than 20 countries, brand, quality, performance both by domestic and foreign users to agree.

SPE technology has been listed on the high pressure, large-scale hydrogen production equipment, filling the domestic SPE technology for large-scale hydrogen production equipment gaps, received domestic and foreign customers. My company all staff, as always, to the quality of survival, innovation and promote development, adhering to the "sincere, loyal, loyal, perseverance," corporate culture, this high-tech clean energy products to create a well-known domestic and international market influence of the well-known brands.

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