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Visiting Date & Time:


November 1, 2021  09:00-17:00

November 2, 2021  09:00-17:00

November 3, 2021  09:00-17:00


Show Venue: Hangzhou International Expo Center, Zhejiang, China


Address: Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province Xiaoshan District Qianjiang Century City Road, 353 Ben Jing Road



Admission is restricted to trade professionals only.

Minors aged 16 years and below will not be allowed to enter into exhibition halls.



All visitors must be in proper attire. Those in shorts and slippers will not be allowed entry.

The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to attendees who are not appropriately dressed.



Please pre-register online before October 30, 2021, and you will receive a conformation email after submitting successfully.

For visit, please contact:

Tel: (+86-10) 8416 4587

Fax:(+86-10) 8416 4507



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